Which brand of cold water pump is better? What are the brands of cold water pumps?

Which brand of cold Water Pump is better? What are the brands of cold water pumps? In the face of these questions, are you confused? Then don't worry now, today's Xiaobian introduces the cold water pump brand which is better? What are the brands of cold water pumps? Let’s take a look at it.

What are the brands of cold water pumps?

Grundfos, Wilo, Southern Pumps, Boshan Pump, Kaiquan Pump, Panda Pump, Continuous Pump, etc.

Which brand of cold water pump is better?

Enterprise strength:

Founded in 2007, Kunshan Aolanke Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan, the northwestern direction of the Pearl of the Yangtze River Delta. It is a professional manufacturer of high temperature circulating pumps integrating R&D, production and sales. The company specializes in the production and research and development of high-temperature industry supporting pumps. It also has a professional technical research and development team, sales team, production and quality management team. With high-quality products and dedicated services, it has won the trust of many companies. Praise.

The company specializes in the production of special pumps for fluid temperature control equipment such as high temperature heat-resistant water pumps, high temperature heat-resistant oil pumps, ultra-high temperature coupling pumps and cold water circulation pumps. The pump produced by the company has exquisite appearance, small volume, high temperature resistance, low vibration and low noise. It is widely used in supporting mold temperature control equipment, roller temperature control equipment, barrel thermostat equipment, rubber injection equipment, machine tool coolant recovery, cold heat exchange. Equipment, sterilization equipment, constant temperature oil tank system, boiler water recovery system, polyurethane foam, etc.; involved in plastics, rubber, optoelectronics, wind power, machine tools, automobiles, leather, food, woodworking, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields.


product description:

The ISW series pump is an axial suction type water transfer circulating centrifugal pump, and the circulating medium is a liquid containing no particles or fibers. It has the characteristics of simple installation, low noise and stable operation. Widely used in cooling circulation systems, air conditioning systems, domestic water and other fields.
ISW series pump features:
1. Single impeller centrifugal pump, axial water absorption, radial drainage 2. Closed cast copper impeller, excellent hydraulic model to ensure pump efficiency and reliability 3. Low failure rate, reasonable structure, greatly improved fault-free time of the whole machine 4 Easy maintenance, replacement of seals, bearings, easy and convenient ISW series pumps (chiller pumps) use examples:
1 For transporting clean, chemically non-irritating water and liquid 2 chiller, chiller 3 air conditioning system water cycle 4 equipment package

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