Who is the "top ten brands of the whole wardrobe"?

In recent years, the overall wardrobe is quietly hot in the home market. In the mainstream home stores such as Real Home, Red Star Macalline, etc., the reporter found Sofia, Danish style, Hao Laike, KD, Dinggu and other brands that specialize in custom wardrobes. The team has grown year by year. The reporter entered the keyword "integrated wardrobe" on Baidu. Many of the results of the search were made by the enterprises that made the whole wardrobe. The whole wardrobe had a tendency to jump out of the furniture list. Mr. Wang Juntai, the famous Danish style CEO of Shenzhen's famous wardrobe brand, said in an interview that the whole wardrobe is an imported product. Although it has developed in the western countries for more than 20 years, it has only entered the Chinese market for only ten years. Time has only been accepted and familiar to the public in recent years. When the whole wardrobe first entered China, it did not appear in the form of “integrated wardrobe”, but in the form of “closet door”. It was first introduced by Stanley from abroad for hardware and frame, and then by its franchisees. Locally purchase cabinets, plates and other processing and production. At that time, Stanley had a certain influence mainly in Beijing and Guangzhou, and cultivated some professionals who later came out of Stanley and established their own “closet door” or “whole wardrobe” brands. These brands include Sophia, Comando, Eilead, KD, Deshi, etc., this is the industry's first brand. At present, the development of the overall wardrobe industry can be said to be mixed, many manufacturers do not have professional production plants, they start from the closet door, and the threshold of the closet door is quite low, three or two people to find a dozen square meters The place can be processed and produced, there is no professionalism at all, let alone the product quality and service. The brands that really own the professional factory built by them are only Cobo Bolognese, Danish style, Sophia, Europe, and Haley. Wait a few of them. For some time ago, many of the so-called "the top ten brands of the whole wardrobe" reprinted by the Internet have become more authoritative, which has played a misleading role for consumers when purchasing the whole wardrobe. Therefore, Danish style CEO Wang Juntai believes: "In China, the overall wardrobe is a start-up industry. At present, only regional brands, no national brands, it is too early to talk about the 'Top Ten Brands'." Sophia The general manager of the closet Shenzhen Zhongji Jun also believes that the wardrobe industry is “in the preliminary stage, the industry itself is actually not very competitive, and everyone may be willing to cultivate this market together.” Their general view is that the country can firmly occupy the whole country. The wardrobe brand has not yet, but there are some brands that have the strength to dominate one area, and the regional influence is relatively strong. In terms of netizens, consumer surveys, comprehensive product advantages, influence, brand awareness and other factors, some of the overall wardrobe brands are still relatively recognized, can be used for consumers to refer to when purchasing, they have: 1 Kebo Boloni: Since its entry into China, Cobo Boloni has targeted the high-end market and quickly occupied the high-end market with its unparalleled product advantages, precise market positioning, strong product innovation and comprehensive advantages. The area of ​​the specialty store is generally 1000~5000 square meters, and the annual turnover is more than 900 million. The overall strength and professional level can be seen. Not only that, Cobo Boloni recently proposed the concept of “whole home decoration”, integrating the whole house furniture customization and decoration and design, providing customers with one-stop convenient home decoration service and walking in the forefront of the whole industry. The development model of Cobo Boloni also represents the future development direction of the industry and leads the development trend of the industry. Therefore, in this sense, Cobo Boloni is the first brand of the overall wardrobe, and is a real industry giant. 2, Danish style: "Danish style" in the overall wardrobe industry has developed rapidly, it began to enter the Chinese market in 2003, at the beginning of the product market with the professionalism and advantages in the cabinet to sweep the overall home market with thunder In the industry, it enjoys the reputation of “Doctor of Cabinets” and caused great sensation. Over the years, Danish style products have been updated quickly, and their styles and styles have once led the industry trend, becoming a model for many brands to follow, and the first brand of Shenzhen overall wardrobe. Not only that, in 2008, the Danish-style large-scale modern production base covering an area of ​​35,000 square meters was completed and put into production. Its development focus has also shifted from Shenzhen to the whole country. The brand influence and popularity have been continuously expanded. With the advantages of its products, the Danish style has become an industry. The most popular brand among high-end users. 3, the Federal Gordon: In the domestic furniture industry plagiarism today, able to adhere to the original design, take their own style of furniture companies are few, the Federal Group is such a furniture company to go their own unique original design, and as a subsidiary of the Federal Group The whole wardrobe brand Federal·Gao Deng, established in 2004 and involved in custom cabinet furniture, has continued the original route of the group. With professional market operation, it pays attention to its professional quality and service, and has won the trust of consumers. And in the newly-developed custom furniture industry, the federal Gordon custom wardrobe expert image has gradually been recognized. 4. Sophia SOGAL: As one of the earliest whole wardrobe brands, Sofia has its own professional production plant. The brand has also experienced relatively mature development in the past ten years. It has established a large sales network in most provinces and cities across the country. The customer resources, its brand influence in the past decade can not be ignored. Sophia wardrobe products have moderate price and diverse styles. They have become the darling of the market and have been loved and sought after by consumers. Until today, Sophia wardrobe products still occupy a relatively large market share, and its brand awareness and influence are second to none in the industry. 5, Hao Laike Holike: Hao Laike is also one of the few brands in the industry that have self-built factories. After years of development, Hao Laike brand style and product quality are basically stable, with many loyal customers and fans. ", has a certain market share. However, the author believes that Hao Laike products are more popular, lack their own characteristics, lower thresholds, and are easily imitated by other small brands. This is a weakness of it, and it may become a bottleneck for brand development in the future. 6, European Optima: the earliest is the cabinet brand, in recent years began to get involved in the overall wardrobe industry. With its professional product experience and good customer reputation in the cabinet industry, Europa has quickly established itself in the overall wardrobe industry and has its own place. Cross-selling of European cabinets and overall wardrobes has won some of its customer resources and opportunities, and it has a certain influence in the industry. In addition to the brands mentioned above, there are some more influential brands in the overall wardrobe industry, such as Stanley, Comando, KD, Dinggu, Federal Gordon, etc., which are more popular with consumers and their popularity. Very high. The overall wardrobe industry is currently in a stage of continuous development and maturity. At such a stage, the emergence of large, small, good, inferior and many other brands is difficult to avoid, just reminding consumers to wipe Bright eyeballs, don't just believe in media hype like "Top Ten Brands" and "Leading Brands", and become the ultimate victims and victims.

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