Why Chery Jaguar Land Rover Can Create All-Aluminum Body Cars

Why Chery Jaguar Land Rover Can Create All-Aluminum Body Cars

[China Aluminum Network] The story begins in the late 19th century with the famous Stippke car, which started with the "aluminum carriage." Stippke, the world's largest manufacturer of marathons and four-wheel drive vehicles, used a 67 kilogram aluminum material to make a wagon a light and beautiful machine. Everything looks beautiful, but there is an obstacle that cannot be overcome. The carriage used to display is worth US$2,110. It was almost crazy in 1893 and was ten times more expensive than the carriage made of common materials. . When the car was presented to the public, it took almost 7 years from the American chemist Charles Martin Hall to study the economics of refining aluminum.

Prior to this, the technology for smelting aluminum was very backward. The value of aluminum, a lightweight metal material, was almost the same as that of gold, silver, and platinum. The aristocracy took a fancy to it and used it to make a little jewelry. The aristocrats went out without gold. Wearing silver, bring a large aluminum chain, noble. The French emperor Napoleon III also made a pure aluminum production plant, and usually eat pure aluminum dishes and forks.

Later, Hall's method made possible the large-scale production of aluminum materials, and thus promoted many other developments in aluminum.

We have to mention that aluminum does not like singles. It has found dear magnesium, silicon, copper, etc., and after the merger, it has reborn and become the universe of invincible metal days-aluminum alloy, and it has become a tough guy like steel. At the same time, The quality is light and incredible. So, it boarded its own stage, such as building an airplane.

The world made by the Wright brothers contained a 13.5-kilogram aluminum alloy shell on the front plane, followed by an all-aluminum aircraft on the front frame in the 1920s. Later, aluminum alloys were used extensively in aircraft materials. Take Boeing 747 for example. It contains 75 tons of aluminum.

Having finished the plane and returned to the car, this is an industry that consumes a large amount of aluminum in the world. Hard, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and highly ductile aluminum alloys have now been added to automotive production material packages. The initial stage is used in a wide range of body components, decorative parts, engines, and hubs. By now, aluminum alloys have been used to achieve greater Degree of weight loss.

Many cars, such as the Audi A8 and the Cadillac CT6, use aluminum bodies. However, Jaguar started earlier in the aluminum body field. As early as 1929, Jaguar's body design was unique, and the use of aluminum panels was more durable than that of cars with alternative fabric models. All-aluminum bodywork brings greater benefits to the car by reducing weight, improving the dynamics and fuel economy of the car while ensuring safety. The lighter body also brings convenience in handling and accurate braking.

Since the aluminum body is so good, why does the car company not convert the steel structure of the car into aluminum?

At present, the proportion of cars using the global aluminum body technology is still less than 1%. It's not that car companies don't want to be tall, it's because of cost control. On the one hand, the problem of money, the material cost is not cheap, the general aluminum sheet material cost will increase 2-5 times than ordinary steel. This cost difference is a bit scary for the average car model. On the other hand, the “strange” temperament with complex aluminum technology and high technical requirements cannot be controlled by anyone. This is why auto engineers love and hate it.

Up to now, only the brand new Jaguar XFL has adopted aluminum body technology. Since it is so difficult, why can Chery Jaguar Land Rover make an aluminum car?

As mentioned above, Jaguar is a mature automobile brand with a relatively mature aluminum alloy construction technology and a relatively large production capacity of aluminum alloys. After being made in China, Chery Jaguar Land Rover has naturally introduced advanced, smart, and environmentally friendly high-end aluminum technology into China. Started a domestic all-aluminum body shop.

After visiting so many automobile factories, what is the difference between it and the traditional body shop? With a lot of questions, I walked into this Chery Jaguar Land Rover production base in Changshu, Jiangsu, and I was surprised to find that many traditional scenes were gone.

First, there is no spark in the assembling workshop

Changshu factory workshop, the big difference with the traditional body-welding shop is that the scene in the production did not imagine the sparks splash scene, less sparks directly represent the production of cigarette smoke, dust will be less.

This is because it uses a "self-piercing riveting" process. Since the self-piercing riveting technology is a cold connection technology, there is no thermal deformation or spatter generated at the joints of the vehicle body. Only the air source is required, no circulating water is required for cooling, and no pollutants are generated during the entire process, which saves energy by 70% compared with conventional welding.

Riveting may be unfamiliar to everyone, welding understand, steel body more common process is welding, welding has many shortcomings, such as stress concentration, process defects, if prolonged in a vibration environment, prone to cracking, fatigue fracture. Chery Jaguar Land Rover pioneered the application of riveting and gluing technology to the automotive industry. Self-piercing riveting technology is aerospace-grade technology. The outer skin of all aircraft and the rivets on top are just such technologies.

What are the advantages of riveting technology? First of all, the servo motor of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu production base has reached the pressure of 60~80KN, no need to reserve the hole, can directly rivet the rivet into the plate to be riveted, after forming, filling in the riveting die, so that no heat source riveting is needed The technology avoids thermal deformation of the body material at the joint. The body constructed in this way has a higher fatigue resistance and static fastening force. Vehicles that are connected using riveting techniques can withstand longer and more violent collisions when the vehicle is subjected to external impact.

How about the tightness of riveting? The riveted plates will have gaps between the riveting points, and this clearance will affect the NVH characteristics of the vehicle. However, there is a secret in the Chery Jaguar Land Rover that is the adhesive of the body structure, which is used in combination with the body structure adhesive, not only Vibration and noise can be blocked, and the body connection strength can be increased to 2 to 3 times the riveting strength.

Second, 355 robots working silently

The aluminum body shop covers an area of ​​48.384 million square meters. Chery Jaguar Land Rover gives workers a spacious and "luxury" work and rest area. But the emphasis is not on the area of ​​the workshop, but on the technological content of this workshop is astonishing.

Throughout the entire production line, a large number of supply systems and riveting guns supplied by ABB, Henrob, and SCA's coating systems are cooperating in an orderly manner and the degree of automation is very high.

For example, there are 307 "Swedish ABB" robotic arms in the welding shop, an average of 120 seconds welding to complete a car; stamping workshop automation rate of 90%, with a domestic press line faster, only 3 seconds can be a piece Environment-friendly paint shop wastewater discharge is close to 0, dry painting system achieves 95% of air recyclability; As for the aluminum workshop, automation rate reaches 100%. There are 2754 riveting points on the body of a Jaguar XFL. Each rivet is completed by 335 riveting robots.

Originally, large-scale automated production was to liberate people from exhausted manual labor. Now the number of robots has often become an important criterion for measuring the technological level of auto manufacturers. With enough robots, large-scale production can be achieved, and the consistency and stability of product quality can be guaranteed. It can also make production more efficient. For example, when new models and new processes come out, only computer programs can be adjusted, saving the cycle of manual training.

Third, aluminum can be recycled

Another advantage of aluminum is that it is not limited to the number of uses and can be recycled. For example, 75% of primary aluminum from 1888 is still in production. It is not as easily rusted as steel, and is often applied to structures where all materials are mainly aluminum, which makes the separation simple. However, aluminum materials must be carefully selected before recycling, which is a technical problem.

After all, this is a car, not just cans, and even different parts of the car body, they must choose different aluminum alloy materials to ensure the body's stiffness, connectivity and energy absorption performance.

So, Chery Jaguar Land Rover got Novelis to work together to solve this problem. Who is Novelis? It is the world's leading supplier of high-quality aluminum rolling quality products and supplies aluminum rolling products to the global automotive market.

They jointly developed a high-strength aluminum alloy, RC5754, which has a yield strength of 105-145 MPa and a tensile strength of 220 MPa. It has strength, corrosion resistance, connectivity, and formability. The outstanding performance in the new Jaguar XFL used this new material contains 75% of recycled aluminum, and can achieve closed-loop recycling, greatly improving the utilization of the material.

Return to a question that many people are concerned about: Using such high-precision materials, is the all-aluminum body expensive to repair? First of all, Chery Jaguar Land Rover uses all-aluminum technology, its side panels and covers are very easy to repair, and there is no difference with conventional vehicles. Third, the production of all spare parts has been localized, and the cost has a very good control advantage. At the same time, distributors all over the country can also easily obtain spare parts and accessories for maintenance.

After visiting the production base of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Changshu, it felt like a British gentleman was polite and completed the birth process of each car. Technology, environmental protection and humanity are its labels. Obviously, it is already ahead of domestic auto makers.

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