Wood Encyclopedia - Knowledge of Glulam

Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) is one of the three main engineering materials in combination with wooden I-beams and veneer lumber. Glulam is also solid wood, sometimes referred to as finger joints, which can be painted with wood wax to prevent deformation.

Glulam is a term used by domestic universities and scientific research departments. It highlights the use of adhesive gluing. The title is relatively clear, so the glulam is also called glulam.

Basic Features

(1) The laminated timber is manufactured from the short material of the solid wood into the required size and shape, so that the small material can be used in large quantities and the inferior material can be used.

(2) The material used for the integrated material removes wood defects such as knots and decay before gluing, so that materials with few defects can be produced. When fitting the board, the wood defects can be dispersed even if there are still wood defects.

(3) The laminated material retains the texture of natural wood and has a beautiful appearance.

(4) The raw materials of the laminated materials are fully dried, and even for large-section and long-sized materials, the moisture content of each part is uniform, and the cracking and deformation are small compared with the solid wood.

(5) It is superior to solid wood in terms of physical and mechanical properties such as tensile and compressive strength and material quality uniformity, and can be adjusted according to the strength of the laminate to improve its strength performance. The test shows that the strength performance is 1.5 for solid wood. Times.

(6) The laminated material can be manufactured into a straight shape and a curved shape as needed. According to the requirements of the corresponding strength, it can be manufactured into a cross-section gradual structure along the length direction, or can be manufactured into a cross-section laminated material such as an I-shaped shape and a hollow square.

(7) A laminated material manufactured into a curved shape is an ideal material as a wood structural member.

(8) Before gluing, the board can be pretreated with drugs. Even long and large materials, there are enough chemicals inside to make the material have excellent corrosion resistance, fire resistance and insect resistance.

(9) Due to different uses, it is required that the laminated timber has sufficient bonding performance and durability. For this reason, the processing of the integrated materials requires good technology, equipment and good quality management and product inspection.

(10) Compared with solid wood, the output of integrated materials is low and the cost of products is high.

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