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With the improvement of people's economic level, wood flooring has become the preferred choice of homeowners' decoration materials. Because the wooden floor has a clear texture, it can present a natural atmosphere. However, the laying of wooden floors is not a simple matter. So, what are the methods for laying wooden floors ? What are the notes on wood flooring? Here we come to find out!

First, what are the methods of laying wooden floors?

1. I-shaped (one-half shop)

The I-shaped wooden floor covering method is more common in the Modern Home decoration process. This paving method has the characteristics of symmetry, orderliness, and outstanding visual effects, so it is very much in line with the modern home decoration.

2. Three Six Six Shop Method (One-third of Shop Floor)

What are the paving methods of wooden floor? In fact, the surface of the 369 paving method is similar to that of the I-shape. The main difference is that the position of the short-edge seam and the long-edge are different. It is understood that the 369-floor method is located in one third of the upper and lower plates. The joints are like a staircase, giving people a sense of three-dimensionality.

3. Herringbone

Classical European families love the herringbone paving style, and this paving method is also more suitable for modern families. The method of paving is: picking up long strips of wooden flooring. When laying, put the top of the wooden floor together at 90°, so that a herringbone will be formed.

Second, what are the notes on wood flooring?

1. Drain the moisture on the cement floor to keep the ground dry

If the water in the concrete surface is not cleaned before the floor is installed, some moisture will appear, which will lead to cracking of the floor and eventually cause the floor of the installed floor to warp.

2. The floor should be surveyed for laying direction, and special places should be left blank

Before laying the floor, you must check the direction of the paving. In general, the entire room is laid out from the other side of the room, and then slowly turned to the other side.

3. Do a good job of assembly model, cutting the floor should be cautious

When laying floors, the first few rows of floors are generally used as the laying standards. The main purpose is to ensure the overall laying. Therefore, the laying work of the first few rows must be done well, but also the splicing model.

Editor's summary: The above has given you an introduction to the wood floor coverings and what are the relevant knowledge of wood floor coverings. I hope to give you some help. If you need to learn more about the wood floor covering method, you can continue to pay attention to our website. Follow-up will show more exciting content!

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