Wuhu Kang Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Power Monitoring System

This paper introduces the application of the Acrel-2000 power monitoring system based on network power meter in the power management of Wuhu Kang Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The system realizes the intelligent, digital and networked power management of distributed acquisition and centralized control management.
Yang Junjun

Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiading

Key words:

1 Project Overview

Wuhu Kang Health Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2000, formerly known as Chongqing Kang Health Materials Technology Co., Ltd. After more than ten years of development, it has become a high-tech biopharmaceutical enterprise jointly invested by Hebei Huaan Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yueyang Xingchang Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and the Third Military Medical University of the People's Liberation Army. The company is now located. On the beautiful mirror lake, the office area is more than 1,000 square meters and the office facilities are complete.

Wuhu Kang Health Technology Co., Ltd. power supply system, designed two dry-type transformers for power supply, using high supply and high meters. There are a set of high-voltage switchgear in the electric house, a total of 10 sets, using DC microcomputer protection, a total of 8 sets, DC screen is floor-standing; transformers use dry-type transformers, low-voltage switchgear use GCS type, a total of 43 sets, 269 low-voltage Distribution circuit.

(1) The power supply system of the whole enterprise includes 10kV and 0.4kV, and different power distribution circuits supply power to different production equipment and power supply facilities. There are many loops in the substation, and the power operation data is changing rapidly. The inspection and monitoring of the operators is very inconvenient and cannot be accurate, timely and efficient. Therefore, all the power loops in the substation will be realized through modern computer network technology. It is especially important to carry out centralized monitoring to achieve orderly and reasonable management.

(2) In the power distribution system, it involves many kinds of electrical products of many brands, such as microcomputer protection, DC screen, transformer temperature control, motor protection, multi-function electric meter, etc. All kinds of electrical products have their own communication protocols and The background monitoring system brings a series of problems: the independent systems make each substation become an island of automation, which hinders the further automation of the whole plant power monitoring to some extent.

2 solutions

Aiming at the actual characteristics of the project, it is very necessary to establish a unified power monitoring system for the whole plant. To establish a unified power monitoring system for the whole plant, several problems must be solved:

(1) Select a reasonable communication protocol or make a reasonable conversion of different communication protocols;

(2) Select a reasonable communication network and construct a communication network that is stable and reliable to cover all monitoring points;

(3) Automated power monitoring software that is simple and easy to operate, meets relevant specifications and standards, and user requirements.

2.1 Unification of the communication protocol

In order to unify the communication protocol of various electrical equipment, this project should try to select the same brand of equipment from the same manufacturer at the beginning of design, such as microcomputer protection, multi-function electric meter, motor protection and so on. For equipment that cannot be unified, such as transformer thermostats, DC screens, etc., try to select products with standard communication protocols, and configure intelligent communication management machines to effectively convert communication protocols and unify protocols.

2.2 Communication Network

The entire system is designed with a set of Acrel-2000 power monitoring system, which adopts a layered and distributed structure, namely the field equipment layer, network management layer and monitoring management layer. As shown below:

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The whole power monitoring system monitoring management includes power management host, printer, UPS power supply, etc. The core Acrel-2000 power monitoring software of the whole system is installed in the power monitoring host. The UPS power supply is used as the uninterruptible power supply. When the power supply of the device fails, it can be guaranteed. The power monitoring host runs normally and the data is not lost.

The monitoring center is set up in the monitoring room on the second floor of the monitoring center. The equipment such as power distribution indoor instrument, microcomputer protection, and DC screen are connected to the communication management machine Nport5610-16 through the 485 bus. The NPort 5610-16 provides a simple and convenient way to network, which not only guarantees existing hardware resources, but also ensures the possibility of future network expansion. With a simple setup, you can instantly network your existing serial devices. Furthermore, the NPort 5610-16 can easily perform bidirectional data transfer between the serial port and the Ethernet interface. The NPort 5610-16 communication manager further uploads the signal to the power monitoring host via Ethernet.

The collection of electric energy data of each electric circuit mainly uses the PZ series network multi-function instrument and motor protection device to collect the basic information of the electric energy information and the overload, phase failure, unbalance, underload, ground/leakage, blockage and external fault of the motor circuit. With various protections, these collection devices can independently perform functions such as data acquisition, calculation, protection, and communication. When a device has a problem, it will not affect the normal operation of other devices. All of these devices have a 485 communication interface that can be connected to the network layer via the RS485 bus.

The entire power distribution system is based on the computer station control management system, using modern communication technology to uniformly manage the power consumption status of the entire power distribution system, real-time monitoring the power consumption of each link and each type of equipment; real-time monitoring and supervision of electric energy Quality, timely detection of power failures, avoiding waste of electricity.

3 software design and system functions

The core of the enterprise electric power monitoring system is a powerful power analysis and management system. Through the online collection, processing, analysis and statistics of electricity consumption data, it helps enterprises to fully understand the real power consumption situation, power consumption environment and production efficiency level.

Data collection and management

Data acquisition and processing is the basis of the realization of power monitoring system. The system can collect the analog quantity (current, voltage, power, electricity, frequency, etc.), switch quantity and protection information of electrical equipment in real time and timing. The system management software can directly read the data collected by each electrical device through the network, and can display, count, analyze, calculate and store all the collected data.

Calculate the power factor of each line in real time;

Calculate the active and reactive power values ​​of each line in real time;

Real-time calculation of daily and monthly power lines, maximum, minimum and average values ​​of reactive power;

Real-time display and statistics of the electrical values ​​of each period of each loop, time-based billing statistics for energy data, and various types of time-based billing (point, peak, valley, flat value, etc.) and rate types according to user requirements ;

Real-time display and statistics of the total value of active energy and total reactive power per day, month and year of each circuit;

Real-time display of the switching state of the capacitor and the manual/automatic state;

Real-time display of 10kV loop and motor loop protection information;

Real-time display of transformer working status;

Real-time display of DC screen working status

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Information processing

Statistics, analysis, and calculation of real-time data, resulting in voltage qualification rate, active power, reactive power, current, total load, power factor, power daily/month/year maximum, minimum value, and time, date, and load required for production users. Rate, digital input state quantity logic operation value, etc., the number of normal/abnormal displacements of the device and distinction.

In addition to the above analysis, the following items can be continuously processed and calculated online in accordance with numerical transformations and specified time intervals:

(1) active power, reactive power, power factor calculation

(2) Statistics on the number of switch injection/retraction and protection actions

(3) Calculation of the rejection rate of monitoring equipment and reactive devices

(4) Calculation of transformer load rate

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data record

It has a memory function for various historical data for easy query, review and printing. mainly include:

State change record, status change record including accident status change record, notice status change record and computer monitoring system abnormal status record, measurement limit record, self-test, operation record, event sequence record

Report management

The real-time information of the system can be recorded and printed according to the time interval required by the operation, and the real-time data and its statistical values ​​of different time periods and all-days can be queried, and any daily report of the system within one year can be queried. The monthly report format produces a report. The table is generated at the end of the month. The specific time can be modified and the monthly report can be queried within one year.

Real-time value table data query report.

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Electricity trend

Draw a trend graph for any measured parameter: current, voltage, power, etc. By using the power curve, you can display the peak value of the demand and find the dangerous load trend or the remaining capacity of the system. The load curves for different time periods can be aggregated or compared to track the cost of electricity consumed per circuit per unit of electricity. The power trend is shown below:

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Alarm and control

When there is a communication failure, telemetry violation limit or other alarm signal, the system will give an audible prompt and automatically pop up an alarm screen. The alarm can be reset after the operator confirms, and the alarm system is recorded in the monitoring database. When the switch is displaced, the time alarm window and the fault related screen are automatically pushed out. The position switch in the screen flashes, the color change prompts and there is an alarm statement with the Chinese character prompt and the current displacement status in the alarm box, and the position of the displacement switch is indicated. , run number and nature (normal operation or accident trip). When the current/voltage limit occurs, the screen flashes and the current limit value is displayed in the alarm prompt box. The monitoring system automatically stores historical data and historical events. Users can customize the query according to the device, data type, time period and other items. In addition to computer alarms, the system also has a special sound and light alarm to remind the on-duty personnel.

4 Conclusion

The Acrel-2000 power monitoring system used in the project was officially put into operation at the end of 2014, and the entire system was stable and safe. The system installs a multi-function electric meter for each key power circuit, establishes a power monitoring system for the whole plant, formulates a performance appraisal plan for energy use, and uses the computer network and information technology to measure the electricity consumption of the key power circuits, providing a large amount of real-time, Accurate power data, find out the energy flow, understand the energy composition, and at the same time, through the various charts and reports provided by the power monitoring software, the data base for the internal measurement and safety of the managers is made, which is convenient for users to find. Unreasonable, guide users to carry out targeted management measures and energy-saving renovation measures.

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